Transform every aspect of your life for the better 

Ignite your motivation to purposely design and live a confident and fulfilled life until your 102 birthday. Bye-bye procrastination, hello bad-ass action taker!


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Are you lacking the confidence and clarity  to make your life and career goals a reality? 

We've got you boo!  

Learn the life-changing techniques and mindsets that hundreds have used to remove self-sabotage, fears of failing/succeeding and FINALLY kick-start a new relationship with yourself, your career and your life. 

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with(in) Enrollment Closes

Your journey "with(in)" begins on [insert date] and it won’t be open for new enrollment until late in the year for a 2022 kick off. A limited number of students will be accepted in this round.

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'I had been stuck in an unfulfilled life for over seven years!'

Sqr One and Ale's training was such a transformational experience for me. It literally changed my life for the better! I cannot be happier and more excited to finally take control of my professional journey. I am launching my own dreamed business project 6 weeks after finishing the challenge. I have re-organized my morning routine and started my evening ritual. I have strengthened some daily habits (meditate, exercise, drink water) and have implemented new ones (journaling, awareness, and gratitude practice). I wake up motivated, grateful, and energized. Family and friends have noticed the change and keep supporting me. I take time every single day to empathize with myself and my ideas, to experiment and create something new, and more importantly, to have fun and keep the momentum going.

I now feel empowered to try new things and improve my life.

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Have the clarity you've been seeking for and redesign any area of your life on your own terms

Do you feel like you’ve been riding a train to the wrong destination?


What if there was a way to stop feeling lost, fearful, and exhausted?

What if you could redesign whichever aspects of your life and career you wanted by learning to be more curious, creative, and open to trying new things? 

What if you could finally achieve the freedom you’ve longed for, give yourself the self-compassion you need, and create the life you deserve?

Whether you’re already in transition (one you chose or had thrust upon you) or considering
meaningful change, within is for YOU!

Sqr One’s unique human-centred approach ensures a safe and supportive space with a framework that combines spirit hacking, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, and design thinking, you will learn proven strategies, tactics, mindset tricks, and tools that most of us are never taught. All in one go. This is what we call going within.

Move from where you are to where you want to be, empowered and guilt-free.

I am so ready, let's do this!

A letter from Ale Wiecek Rojo, Sqr One's Founder

You are more ready than you think!

Hello, purpose and growth seeker human on the go.

You are a passionate human climbing the corporate ladder while looking for meaning in your life.

You spend your days juggling life, back to back meetings, kid’s schools (if you have them), house errands, but with so many hours in the day, you feel like your life is on autopilot and there is so much personal growth you want to achieve but you simply don't have the time and don't know how to get started.

If you are really honest with yourself, you have been feeling like you have been riding a train to the wrong destination in your life, career, relationships, wealth path and more for some time... but you don't know how to get off. 

You get moments of inspiration and awareness, your work doesn't feel as meaningful as it once used to and it's all starting to have an impact on your work, your sleep, your family life and wellbeing. 

And if something doesn't change? 

You, your mental health and what matters to you the most will reach a breaking point, it's just a matter of who gets there first.

I hear you and see you! I’ve walked in the very same shoes you have, feeling numb and emotionally exhausted, dreading every working hour and feeling like an imposter in my own skin. 

I was afraid of not being good enough, of becoming stagnant, looking into the future and seeing every day looking the same, not having contributed to making the world and ‘my world’ a better place, with no legacy, no growth and not trying to be the best version of myself I could be. 

In 2015, I made the decision to change my life. I left my corporate life and became an entrepreneur. I stopped and looked inwards to get to know myself again, to learn about the things Ale was good at, the things Ale wanted to do with her life and the way Ale wanted her life to look for the rest of her life. So much so that my life started looking a little more balanced.

But I don't think entrepreneurship is for everybody, And I don't think you need to leave a job you love to find yourself. 

So I decided to make it my mission to help you find yourself before it's too late. I redesigned my life and my business to help millions of people worldwide reach happiness and fulfillment across every aspect of your life and career. 

Our mission is to empower change-seekers and problem solvers to design a fulfilled life and career while creating a positive impact in the world.

Today, we help people like you who want to:

✔️ Remove procrastination and fear

✔️ Gain clarity around their purpose

✔️ Feel in control and not on auto-pilot

✔️ Reduce anxiety, stress and burnout  

✔️ Ignite change and help others

✔️ Find what they are passionate about 

✔️ Take life a little less seriously and love themselves 

✔️ Remove limiting beliefs and self-sabotage behaviours 

✔️ Create a legacy that feels authentic

✔️ Redesign a meaningful life and career

If you want to feel aligned to who you truly are but you are not sure if with(in) is right for you, book a time for us to connect, and let's make awesome happen in your life!

I Am Ready To Go "with(in)"

'Sqr One's training went above my expectations!'

I got the guidance I needed as a stay-at-home mom that wants to go back to work amid a global pandemic!

Ale provided several exercises that challenged my status quo, I connected with who I was and who I want to be thanks to a series of practical examples that led me to define my vision. Her approach and method keep me accountable for my short-term and long-term actions.

I would recommend Sqr One 100%

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“There is nothing outside of yourself, look within. Everything you want is there.”


What's with(in)?


with(in) is the first online program from Sqr One’s newly launched Life Redesign School. It’s a 4, 6 or12-week intensive program for high-performing creatives and growth seekers who are ready to create a fulfilled and meaningful life and career by:

✔️ Achieving Career & Business Clarity (4-week program path)

✔️ Having clarity on your life's purpose and find work/life balance (6-week program path)

✔️ Designing every aspect of your life and removing procrastination forever (12-week program path)

Redesigning the life and career you desire by showing up as the person you want to be (and already are) requires courage, planning and the ability to execute a.k.a experiment with the very things you've been afraid of succeeding at or failing at. 

with(in) applies an innovative and battle-tested framework that support you on your life transformation journey. It combines:

✅ Human-centred Design

✅ Psychology

✅ Neuroscience

✅ Hypnotherapy

✅ Spirit Hacking 

✅ Mindfulness

✅ Inner Child Healing

✅ Yoga

✅ Breathwork

✅ Unani Biotypes

✅ Human Design

✅ Creativity

and more...

for you to plan, design and grow into the most confident human you know.

Meet the version of you that you’ve always been waiting for. We will be with you every step of the way! Are you ready to go "with(in)"?

Hell yeah, I’m ready to go "with(in)"

The 12 Focus Areas of with(in) 

Fast track years of procrastination into 4, 6 or 12 weeks with a love-filled, cheerleading-packed and action-taking course and support group that will get you real results (no bulls***)

*One on one hypnotherapy sessions together with with(in)'s framework, roadmap, ongoing support and our hands-on weekly mini-challenges are included to remove anything that's holding back and set new empowering beliefs and habits that will transform your life for the better


I am ready to go "with(in)"
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'Thanks for creating a framework that connects you with your real self and it's not superficial'

It's an awesome time you give to yourself, where you don't just learn important things that would help you improve your daily life but where you reflect through powerful questions and frameworks.

You go from feeling stuck and thinking and worrying, to actually doing things for your wellbeing that are fully aligned with what you really want.


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with(in) is a transformation experience and training suitable to anyone willing and ready to learn about themselves whilst taking empowered actions towards greatness


Is with(in) right for me?

with(in)is an intimate guided journey with Ale (pronounced ‘a-lee’), Founder of Sqr One, and experts in the field of personal development, health, wellbeing, productivity, relationships, entrepreneurship, leadership, social impact and more, from around the world. 

By joining within, you’ll achieve tangible, life-changing results through a stimulating, community-led and accessible 4, 6 or 12 week learning experience based on your current circumstances and were you would like to go next in your life:

  • Achieving Career & Business Clarity (4-week program path)
  • Having clarity on your life's purpose and find work/life balance (6-week program path
  • Designing every aspect of your life and removing procrastination forever (12-week program path)

Registration for with(in) close on Friday 3rd September at 11:55 PM PDT.

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Why redesign your life and career with clarity and purpose, together?


Our learning framework places you and your lived experience at the heart of our work. All while feeling supported, encouraged, motivated and ready to take action and gain traction. 

At Sqr One we don’t believe in sucking it up or sticking it out. Because moments carry meaning and memories matter. Its our honored to show you what you can be capable of. 

We don’t want you to pay for a program that you don't finish. That’s why with(in) is not self-paced, but is a synchronous learning experience that will make you feel accomplished and motivated, all while having tons of fun!

Synchronous learning

Some topics lend themselves to self-paced learning. However, your life, its rituals and rhythms, are deeply personal. That’s why we’ve crafted a roadmap for your journey within and ask that you dedicate 30-60 minutes, 4-5 times each week to engage in our specifically crafted, online learning experience.

with(in) contains daily tasks and assignments, peer-to-peer interactions for fast learning, and face-to-face video calls, all online.

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A virtual learning experience you will feel motivated to finish! 

with(in) delivers a memorable and connected set of memorable and relatable learning experiences through:

✔️Online learning

✔️ Teamwork & Office Hour Sessions

✔️ Weekly Coaching 

✔️ Hypnotherapy sessions to remove unconscious beliefs, procrastination and fears

✔️ Yoga Sessions 

✔️ Breathwork Sessions 

✔️ Weekly Challenges to Move Into Action

✔️ Weekly masterclasses delivered by world-class experts to take you to the next level

✔️ Personalised Career & Personality assessments

✔️ And more...


I Am So Ready!

'Ale has the kind of heart and compassion to hold space for you while you navigate your unique journey'

Ale is one switched on human who not only has the intelligence and exposure across the many ways one can optimise their life, but the kind heart and compassion to hold space for you while you navigate your unique journey. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to share my business and career challenges with Ale and have her be there not only to support me personally but to challenge my thinking and help me to land on a clear path forward.

If you’re feeling lost in need of a mentor to help you navigate your next challenge, or even just your own personal hype girl, look no further than Ale Wiecek!

The Framework

Every week you will empathise, define, ideate, experiment and play (test) with the life area allocated for that week with zero procrastination, and on top of that you will be given the mindset tools to push through fear and move into action and results every day of the week. We will be there every step of the way.

Seamless Learning

Upon enrolling, you will get access to our online platform with our onboarding and orientation video. You will be shown the roadmap for the 12 weeks or weeks you have decided to embark on and the sessions we will have every week on every life area. within uses tools like  Zoom, Slack and Vorex to engage with students.

Experts Live Workshops

Every week there will be an expert who will support us in getting you to go deep into inspiration to take the action you need that week. These experts have been carefully curated and selected by Ale personally. She has either used them or worked with them directly in the past helping her in her own growth and development.

Practical Learning

For the duration of the program, Ale will personally guide you through daily activities and tasks you must complete to move on to the next phases of the program. To make you truly feel supported, loved, and ready to take action, we have put together a learning experience that will feel seamless, practical, and meaningful.

I Want Confidence, Lets Do This!

with(in) will help you walk away with life tools you can use every day until your 102 birthday


🌟 Say bye bye to procrastination and lack of motivation

🌟 Remove fears, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage behaviors with on on one hypnotheraphy sessions

🌟 Feel motivated to achieve new habits, health & wellbeing goals

🌟 Reduce overwhelmed and deal with life’s challenges with clarity and easy

🌟  Be sure of what direction to take your career, plan and execute with confidence every single first step

🌟  Build you new story with money and kick start your wealth journey

🌟  Use the fun and easy weekly tasks to cement learnings that you can easily fit in your week

🌟 Group learning and live coaching

🌟 ...and so much more!

Hook Me Up!

'Ale inspires you, challenges your assumptions, and all while having fun'

I have worked with Ale on a number of Customer Experience and Innovation Projects over the last four years and have always admired her holistic design expertise as a creative problem-solver and strategic thinker for both business and life. Ale is an entrepreneur by nature, with the ability to uncover innovative opportunities in your life and career, using her toolbox full of human-centred methodologies. She inspires you, challenges your assumptions, and all while having fun!

Ale is very humble and authentic, and we're so lucky to have her as a mentor and thought-leader in the CX, Design, and Life Innovation community

$2000 Bonus training & workshops included with with(in)

You will have a set of bonus materials and resources you can use at any time during or after the program. These are available at no extra cost  is available to all level students (Live Meditation, Yoga and breathing sessions are not available to with(in) Career & Business students)

"It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for."



with(in) is for students addicted to Inspirational Kool-Aid BUT ready to move towards action.

That's you, isn't it? 

Real Results

Weekly challenges that will get you learning and actioning changes in real time

Weekly Group Coaching 

Action takers? We got you! You will be making A LOT of moves, all in a loving, supportive and action-oriented environment

A memorable learning experience

Life is too short to not have fun! As you grow and go within, we will make things awesome and unforgettable

with(in) Enrollment Closes

Your journey within begins on [insert date] and it won’t be back again until next year. A limited number of students will be accepted in this round.

Take me withi(n)









Investment, Payment Plans & Scholarships 

We know you might be super excited to join us, but you're unsure about the financial commitment you want to make. We get it! Below are a few helpful options for you to explore. All prices are in USD. 

with(in) is like going on a 5 start beach holiday with hot lifeguards, kid's club, piña colada's and massages galore BUT BETTER. with(in) is like paying yourself huge life dividends for your future (minus the hot lifeguards, sorry!)


We are offering a 50% off scholarship to 2 students who are in a difficult financial predicament but are eager to go with(in). These scholarships are limited to people with genuine financial hardship. You can apply here. 

Happiness Guaranteed

with(in) was co-created with you from day dot, and we think you are going to love it as much as we do. In fact, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied after putting in the work and completing the program, we will refund the cost of your tuition minus the cost of the one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions. 

Simply submit all of your completed worksheets and homework and schedule a feedback call with Ale to receive a refund.


Create a career and/or business that fulfills you

The Career & Business Clarity Path Map

3 installments of $844

Enroll Now

Have clarity on your life's purpose and find work/life balance

The Direction, Purpose & Confidence Path

6 installments of $595

Enroll Now

Design every aspect of your life & remove procrastination forever

The Life Transformation Path

8 installments of $762

$5527 Pay in Full (Save $567)

  • Week 1: Life vision, mission & purpose
  • Week 2: Emotions, thoughts & beliefs
  • Week 3: Habits & Routines
  • Week 4: Health & Wellbeing
  • Week 5: Spirituality and intuition
  • Week 6: Productivity
  • Week 7: Sustainability & Society
  • Week 8: Adventure, Fun & Creativity
  • Week 9: Relationships
  • Week 10: Education & Self Development
  • Week 11: Financial Stability & Wealth
  • Week 12: Career & Business 
Enroll Now
I Am Ready to Enroll
Not Sure Which Path? Book a Call!

“Designing the life you want to live will be one of the most rewarding mental, physical and spiritual endeavours you will embark on.”

Ale Wiecek

The Nitty-Gritty of with(in)

✔️ Daily videos and/or audio clips with the day's teachings accessible via phone or computer, along with a daily task, an actionable activity sheet and workbook (when needed) 

✔️ Handful of meditation and brain training tracks you can use and download on your devices to use throughout the course

✔️ One-on-one hypnotherapy session p/selected week(s)

✔️  Slack channel for daily check ins and daily Qs (except weekends) 

✔️ Weekly expert masterclasses live or pre-recorded with renowned experts

✔️ Peer-to-peer coaching 

✔️ Did you say par-teee? Onboarding and graduation party! 

✔️ Weekly LIVE check-in/Q+A calls with Ale. Recording available for those unable to attend

✔️ Direct SMS access to Ale via Vorxer (only to those attending the 12 week program)

✔️ Lifetime access to content as founding member (except ongoing hypnotherapy sessions and personality type assessments)

Enrol Now

with(in) Enrollment Closes

Your journey within begins on [insert date] and it won’t be back again until next year. A limited number of students will be accepted in this round.

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'You get what you see with Ale, there are no hidden agendas'

Ale is one of the most patient human beings I’ve ever met. She takes time to really listen and then, without hesitation, will jump in with you to problem-solve. You get what you see with Ale, there are no hidden agendas.

Forever grateful to have met her and have her in my network.

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Is with(in) right for me?

(we think so!)

with(in) is memorable and transforming experience, but it is not right for everyone. Take a look at the As to most of your Q's and decide if we are a match made in heaven or not. 

“If you are always trying to be normal, you don't know how amazing you can be.”

Maya Angelou

As One Rises, We Shall Rise Together

Sqr One is actively working on four of the Sustainable Development Goals while supporting with our time and profits towards causes that are remarkably close to our heart, locally and internationally. Some of them include Cuatro por Venezuela, among others. For every training we sell, a person in need receives financial or life redesign training support. This is our one-for-one model. 

with(in) Enrollment Closes

Your journey within begins on [insert date] and it won’t be back again until next year. A limited number of students will be accepted in this round.

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Happiness Guaranteed

with(in) was co-created with you from day dot, and we think you are going to love it as much as we do. In fact, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied after putting in the work and completing the program, we will refund the cost of your tuition minus the cost of the one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions. 

Simply submit all of your completed worksheets and homework and schedule a feedback call with Ale to receive a refund.

Are you ready to go "with(in)"?

Today is the day! Let's do this!


So ready!

We acknowledge the Yuggera (Yu-gu-ra) people, Traditional Custodians of the land on which Sqr One is based today and pay our respects to their Elders past and present. We extend that respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who gather on this land today.